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As a Midwife, I offer HypnoBirthing© sessions to help you to have the best birth that you can have. I also offer relaxation sessions for women trying for a baby, having assisted conception or finding out that they are just pregnant! (Affiliated with The HypnoBirthing Institute).

  • I am a very experienced midwife, specialising in antenatal care.
  • I have delivered lots of babies, and really know and understand what happens in childbirth.
  • The Mongan HypnoBirthing¬© Course for teachers of HypnoBirthing¬© is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.


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  • <div>Tom and Cara</div><div>Congratulations</div>
  • <div>Welcome</div><div> to a chilled out baby</div>
  • <div>a wonderful</div><div> bundle of joy and perfection.</div>
  • <div>a beautiful little girl</div><div> born a few hours ago.</div>

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Kind Words ...

From the heart.

From the heart.