Welcome to the only Midwife led HypnoBirthing courses in Shropshire.

HypnoBirthing┬« classes┬ádiffer from all the other antenatal classes in that all the fear surrounding having a baby is removed. You and your partner are also shown deep relaxation and breathing techniques – so that you work with your body enabling you to have an easier and more comfortable birth.(Affiliated with The HypnoBirthing Institute.)


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  • <div>Congratulations.</div><div>Time now to prepare your mind.</div>
  • <div>.. a beautiful</div><div>gentle birth for your baby..</div>
  • <div>..and to share a magical</div><div> and wonderful birth experience.</div>
  • <div>..a calm baby</div><div>and very supportive partner..</div>

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Funda and Adrian – baby due in the summer

A wonderful and calm atmosphere.The emotion and fear release session was most helpful We enjoyed the whole course and look... Read more

Funda and Adrian – baby due in the summer