Fertility Awareness.


Are you a woman who wants to get pregnant but who is currently experiencing fertility issues?

 Having trained in hypnosis for fertility, in addition to ironically having spent spent many years working in Family Planning Clinics, I am very au fait with cycles and seasons and pink and blue lines. I have undertaken hypnosis training with The Royal Society of Medicine in London, and although I am not a hypnotherapist, I use hypnosis  or deep relaxation as an adjunct to my midwifery skills.

I can offer emotional support.

Come and have some 1 to 1 sessions to help destress, and prepare yourself for having a baby.  We can work together to help to reduce stress levels  and connect with the rhythms of your body. The mind / body connection is very powerful and together we can explore ways of getting in tune with your body.

You may have discovered that having gone down the assisted conception route, that you are just a little bit pregnant and you are holding your breath until you reach  the 12th week of pregnancy. Perfect. Congratulations! Get in touch and come and have a relaxation session.

Sessions last an hour, at a mutually convenient time. Cost £75 per session.

If undertaking IVF, the programme consists of 4 sessions. Each session lasts an hour.

You are not alone. We can work together. Confidentiality assured.

Give me a ring on 01743 861235 or e-mail annie@shropshirehypnobirthing.co.uk to find out more.

To access Follicle Tracking, visit www.babyvision.co.uk


Disclaimer. As in life there are no guarantees, hence these sessions do not promise a pregnancy.