“10 in the bed “

” There are 10 of  us here tonight,” he said. Strange, I didn’t think The HypnoBirthing Studio accommodated that many people. We all did a head count – then we added in the ” Baby Bumps ” and we all burst out laughing.  Silly me, of course there were ten! All the couples, plus ” Beanie Baby “, “Curly  ”, and  ” Calvados ” .

The talk had veered towards the baby’s hearing and how in an ideal situation, all unnecessary noise would be eliminated , so that the baby arrived into a quiet or silent room, preventing the familiar muffled sounds becoming a deafening roar without the waters surrounding the baby cushioning  the outside noise. With HypnoBirthing®, your baby has the best birth for him or her, suffused with all his or her mother’s hormones. Sets your baby up for life. All future relationships are founded on your baby’s birth experience.

Environment and ambience are integral to my HypnoBirthing© sessions. Nothing is casual.The HypnoBirthing Studio is situated at the back of the house, and even the steps leading into the room play a part, as they symbolise walking down to calmness and quietness, away from the business of the outside life.  Hyper connection is the name of the game in todays world, with constant connections. No need to worry about mobile phones ringing, as the connection here is pretty flaky.

At first the country side noises disturb the tranquillity, but as everyone relaxes, any outside noise no longer matters, and relaxation just deepens. Even the regular low level night flying helicopter does not impinge on the relaxation.

Their engine sound is incorporated into the relaxation session. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the helicopter pilots and instructors who are on the course smile.

Maybe I will be in line for a personal fly by??Has been known.




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