10 reasons to opt for a waterbirth

Having a baby? Have you thought where you will be having your baby??  Not actually where, but rather in what sort of environment.Visualise the world in which your baby is living and growing-lots of water…cushioning and keeping your baby safe.Imagine your baby coming from water-into water.What could be more natural?

Check out these reasons for considering a water birth.Water water

  • You..the mama, feel in control
  • aids relaxation
  • relaxation promotes endorphin production
  • Increase of labour hormone when you enter the pool
  • helps ease the contractions
  • softens the perineum
  • you can move about freely
  • safe for baby
  • less intervention
  • marvellous as a buoyancy aid

You, the mama feel in control.

Ask any mama who is having a baby what her main concern is – and she will tell you it’s losing control.A water pool provides you with your own safe environment.Your own space – so reassuring. Now dim the lights and play some music.Are you liking the sound of this?

Aids relaxation.

Ever put in a hard days work in the garden and ended up with aching muscles? Then you relax and have a soak in the tub with lotions and potions.It’s the same when you slip into the water pool,(minus the lotion and potions). Water soothes and relaxes you. In HypnoBirthing® the mama is relaxing all the time. Water just helps the relaxation along.

Relaxation promotes endorphin production.

Another benefit of being relaxed is that your body’s natural painkillers -  endorphins can come into play.When you are calm and confident your body can become flooded with endorphins.

Increase of labour hormones when you enter the water.

It’s known as the “Oxytocin Broth”. this is when you are in established labour and you get into the water. There is a surge of oxytocin which moves your labour along. So to be in the water..then on dry land…then back to the warm water – all this will help your labour.The “Oxytocin Broth” is nature’s gift to you.

Helps ease the contractions.

You need to be in established labour to use the water pool…if you dip in too early the soothing water could knock you out of labour. Just by relaxing , so that you release and let go, will ease your contractions.

Softens the perineum.

All the water softens the tissues of the perineum. Combine this with the fact that these muscles are designed to thin and stretch when the baby is coming so that you have less resistance allowing the baby to pass on by.

You can move freely

How wonderful to be able to move as your body wants. Birth is a dance…and you can make all your moves as you wish.Lots of room to find the positions that work for you. Marvellous!

Safe for baby

A water birth is such a calm and gentle way for your baby to come into this world. What could be more natural than to come from water into water.Peaceful an calm. Most water babies don’t cry- it’s the papas who well up.

Less intervention

When nature takes over and a woman listens to her body and relaxes and releases and lets go, then the body knows just what to do . Birth is so natural and to go with the flow is so important for a woman having a baby. Being in water makes gowing with the flow so conducive.

Marvellous as a buoyancy aid

12.5 kilos…30 lbs…11/2 stones-this is a typical and realistic weight gain in pregnancy.Towards the end of pregnancy you can feel awkward. Imagine feeling weightless as the water supports you. Isn’t it enjoyable to go swimming when you are pregnant? Now imagine the water enveloping you as you have your baby-does it sound good?

Having a waterbirth is such a positive experience. Now add HypnoBirthing® into the equation. This gives you such a strong and heady mix- all the ingredients for a truely special birth.

To find out more about how HypnoBirthing® can make your birth a really memorable experience-give me a ring.

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