16 in all.

The next hypnobirthing course is fully booked, but there are spaces available on 9th May and 10th May for a weekend course.

There are spaces for 5 couples, plus 5 growing babies plus me. Sounds the ideal number!

This format has proven very popular with the couples that join me. Back in the day, a lot of women would stop work at the end of their 29th week of pregnancy. That was when you were given maternity allowance and then there was maternity benefit too.

Fast forward and it is all change.

Women work longer. Much longer. In fact several women I know have gone into labour at work. Or at a “Works Function”.  Evenings are busy. Just back from work. Supper. Relax. Sleep. Repeat until the weekend. Of course this is not true for everyone. Just an observation.

Hence the weekend hypnobirthing courses. Time to be inspired with like minded people, to be shown that there is a different way to have a baby. A pain free birth cannot be guaranteed. Neither can a perfect birth. Take away fear, replace with knowledge and the feeling that you and your partner know what to do is a pretty good basis for preparing for your baby.

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you into my home and set you up for the best birth that you can have. I provide plenty of refreshments through out the day. I ask you to bring a packed lunch for yourselves. Can’t wait to meet you. Annie.



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