297 days

From the heart.

Lots of e.mails and thank you letters this week-plus g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. photos of your babies..What a pleasure it is to receive all your news.Some parents let me know their glad tidings within minutes of their baby arriving. Others settle in to their new life first and then let me know when all the dust has settled.

 I love hearing from you.

I adore seeing your baby photos.

(What is so sweet is that when I look at the photos you send me of your newborn baby-even if I didn’t know who had sent me the picture, I would recognise the parents in the baby face! Maybe it’s the tilt of the nose…or the shape of the mouth…or an identical image of the daddy).

No matter when the messages arrive – all are written or spoken from the heart. With such emotion. Beautiful.

Over and over – these are the words I hear:

We are so happy. Our baby is so perfect. HypnoBirthing® showed us how to have a wonderful experience.  HypnoBirthing® allowed us to go with the flow.The birth of our baby was magical!! We couldn’t believe it!!I am so proud.I am totally in awe.Our Princess has changed our world.

And even after the birth , the benefits of HypnoBirthing® keep on coming..This is what parents say:

  My baby is feeding so well

My baby is so calm

My baby sleeps well

We are all so relaxed as parents.

And 297  days  after Louie was born, I received this e.mail. Have a read of this:

Happy Louie

I just thought I would write and tell you about Louie, he has not been very well this week and not sleeping at night very well at all so the other night I decided to try the hypnobirthing® cd, with amazing results! As soon as it started he stopped crying and fidgeting he turned to look at the cd player and just rested quietly listening to the music. Gareth and I were amazed by it! We tried it again last night with the same result! It is as if his favourite person has just walked in the room and there is a sense of tranquility!  Which goes to show that hypnobirthing® really does benefit the mother and child. . Gareth and I really were astounded by his reaction to the music.

 I think it is such an important thing for people to realise how amazing hypnobirthing® can be and will help you however I can…..Gareth and I (and mum) are still spreading the word about how fantastic it is! Also when people compliment me on what a happy contented little boy Louie is, I use it as an opportunity to talk about hypnobirthing® and how I am convinced it has helped! I shall look forward to reading your blog. Lots of love Rachael and Louie xx

   Thank you for taking the time to share with me your wonderful stories.I am so happy for you.

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Looking forward to hearing from you. Annie.







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