3 months on…..

Well, such an exciting day. A flurry of e-mails and a definite date for a catch up. Everyone’s ” Due date” was very varied and so by the time the youngest baby arrived, some of the babies were already swimming. Quite literally. Over the course of the HypnoBirthing® sessions, I find that there is a great sense of camaraderie and this usually spills out into parenthood, giving support and succour to each other as the early days of looking after a baby becomes a reality.

Difficult to imagine life with a baby before your baby arrives. Inconceivable to comprehend life without your baby, once your baby has arrived.

HypnoBirthing® sessions.

Refresher sessions. Extra sessions. Sessions just for the men.

I know these couples so well now, and as so often the street is two ways, they too know me. Love it!!

Lots of photos sent and now I can’t wait to meet all these gorgeous babies. The reunions are so special to me as they close the circle. I meet these nervous couples during their pregnancy and I watch them transform and blossom into confident parents in waiting until finally they appear as competent parents, And I am so proud of you all. I already know your stories and I know how each and every birth went. I applaud you all for your commitment and the hard work you all do with your practising and all the relaxation. And the men. Especially the men. I know that you are the lynch pin when it comes to having a baby.

Really. Truly.  I know that you will be your partner’s rock and that is your loving gift to to your partner.

Will be wearing a posh frock as Monday will be a wonderful celebration!!! Annie xx

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