A Spot of Shopping.

The next HypnoBirthing® course is fast approaching and already it is almost full. Two couples are considering having their baby at home. One of these couples is investigating a potential water birth. That is sounding so good.

A home birth, combined with relaxation techniques, plus all the benefits of a water pool. Magic.

Study days are on the horizon. I always relish these days as I come away feeling totally refreshed and inspired. Some are near home, others are an overnight stay. Going with a friend, so that always makes for a delightful break.

Then on to London to meet up with my Sweet London Friend♥.We are going to a haberdashery shop to source trimmings and bobbles. Now the hypnobirthing studio has been spruced up, I want to add a few more cushions. Next phase is cushions edged with bobbles. Samples have been sent for and now it is a matter of choosing colours and fabrics. Raspberry coloured paisley fabric really looks exciting,in the room, so maybe another cushion in a different shape with a smaller pattern design will work. Will let you know.

Plus I am receiving invitations from lots of couples that have been to my classes. A coffee morning in town and an afternoon rendez vous at a garden centre.Then a summer stroll has been scheduled in for later on. I love catching up with these strong confident women. And the babies. Oh, the babies. The way they have grown and developed. And watching the love in their parent’s eyes is something very special.

Love my job. Truly I do. Can’t think of anything better.

Come and join in the growing movement of finding out how feeling calm and confident can really make a difference in the way you view having a baby. Can’t wait to meet you. Annie xx


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