Aerial view.

Am preparing a meal for all of my ex neighbours and am still in my PJs with my apron on top. Very chic. The house is in total upheaval as the painters have arrived and are busy making every room even more beautiful! Their words! So feature walls and accent colours have been decided upon and whilst they are working their magic, I am hurriedly setting the table with my best china and the petit french wine glasses.

As I work I can hear that the Helicopter Boys are back in town. I am quite good at identifying the type of chopper by the engine noise. Quite good at estimating height also by the noise.

One of the helicopter pilots is going to be a dad!!

Time is 10.30am.

Our garden is very easy to distinguish from the air as there are concentric circles mown into the central lawn. In the summer the grass is left to grow and grown men have been known to run round the circles pretending to be aeroplanes. It just makes you want to do it!!

Had an inkling that today was going to be very special. The helicopter engine is coming nearer and lower and more persistent. Maybe my lucky day. Dashing outside, I can see the helicopter above the tree line, circling the garden perimeter.

Then a change of direction and now I have my own HypnoBirthing Helicopter Fly BY!!

Low and flying straight over the garden the chopper is magnificent. Of course I wave and dance around. Hope they don’t have a camera and trust they don’t zoom in. One circuit and then they are up and away and I can’t stop laughing.

Love these HypnoBirthing Helicopter Men!!!

Over the years I have met so many couple who have attended my HypnoBirthing┬á┬« classes. Each course is very special and I get to know all the couples very well. And after the babies arrive we all meet up, which really is the icing on the cake for me. So, don’t delay, get in touch and book onto a course. Calm mother. Chilled out daddy. Uber horizontal babies.Plus you make new friends who are all in the same boat. Win win situation!

I would love to meet you. Annie .



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