All you fashionistas…

The HypnoBirthing® refresher session is offered towards the end of pregnancy. By then most women are down to 3ish outfits. Just enough separates to ring the changes. Probably not PRADA at this stage.

Not long to go now.

Have a guess how many babies arrive on schedule? ( Whatever schedule means). Around 5%. So here’s a suggestion. Why not say that your baby is due ” in the middle/end of the month?” Less stress for you should your pregnancy go into the 41st, or 42nd week. Usually then the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Keep the ” due” date deliberately vague. ( Obviously not for your nearest and dearest).

Or, unplug your phone.

I always ask the couples who come to the HypnoBirthing® classes that I run,not to dress to impress, but to wear something comfortable. My heart sings when slippers are unwrapped. And as for PJs, well I love the fact that women are relaxed enough to totally relax!!!

Going back to clothes, have you given much thought to post baby, I still have a bump clothes?What will you wear when you go home or when you change out of your PJs? Don’t even think skinny size zero jeans. Soul destroying if you try, and discover they don’t do up. It takes 9 months to grow your baby. Your shape won’t be svelte straight away. A logical idea is for YOU to set aside your new mummy wardrobe look. This prevents WORDS being exchanged. Believe me, I have heard many WORDS about outfits being man chosen. Not worth the domestic fall out.

Sometimes we need our lives and our outfits  to be simple and uncomplicated. After all, once you are a new family just getting used to each other, clothes are not that important. But taking time slowly as the days gently unfold, and being gentle and supportive to each other. Now that is important.

And as for the HypnoBirthing® babies, they are chilled out and very relaxed. Put your HypnoBirthing® music on and listen to your baby respond.Priceless.

HypnoBirthing® classes are run over 5 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to assimilate the information, and lots of chill out relaxation time,  so that when you have your baby, all the breathing and deep relaxation comes as second nature, allowing you to free your mind so that your body can work as nature intended.

Simple and uncomplicated. 

Book onto a course today. One less thing to worry about. I would really like to make a difference in the way you have your babies. Annie.



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