Am totes in awe….

It is all hands to the deck as it is one of our HypnoBirthing® coffee morning re-unions today.Chocolate brownies on the table, along with Ursula’s brandy and amaretto fruit cakes.

Lots of couples invited along with their babies and siblings. Little Harry has chicken pox so his family will come to the next coffee morning. We are not in the HypnoBirthing® Studio-but rather we are in the kitchen with the aga, and also the  ” family” room which is nicely warmed by the wood burner. The farmhouse is pretty cold usually, and we are all adept at sprinting  from room to room and wearing extra layers. But now heat pervades every room, and I can float round in a dress.

The stars of the morning are obviously the gorgeous babies, with their parents coming a close second.

Johnny, with his beautiful blue eyes.

Arthur so serene and calm, just looking around and then having a nap.

Little Petee Pork Chop alert and smiling.

Plus mamas and papa Charlie-who turns out to be a FAB photographer!!

Absolutely lovely to meet up with everyone.Yet again, I am bowled over how competent and confident all these new parents are. And the babies are so calm. No crying. Happy, contented babes. Marvellous!

The farmhouse lies in one of the flight paths of the local helicopter training school, and often you can hear the choppers overhead. The Squirrel has quite a light engine noise, whilst a Chinook has a double deep engine throb. Today we hear an unfamiliar sound. A helicopter is approaching, and the engine noise is deep, urgent and dynamic. It’s flying low and is obviously on a mission. Running out into the garden, we can see it’s an Apache ‘copter,with its unmistakable profile. The Apache flys over the garden, across the fields  and whoosh disappears over the trees. Everything happens so quickly, but we manage to get some photos. Then silence. Helicopter boys, we are totes in awe of you.

And the babies carried on being sweet and calm and serene. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

I can’t wait for the next coffee morning which will be in December, but before then there is a new HypnoBirthing® course starting. Only 1 space left. Do get in touch if you would like to benefit from all the HypnoBirthing® techniques that allow you to have the best birth that you can have. Looking forward to hearing from you. Annie.


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