Amazing Maize maze

Daniel was his name. There is  a photo of me cradling him in my arms. Daniel was the 1st baby I delivered. Fresh out of school, I look so slender and  tender. So young. I must have been about 19. This picture has pride of place in the HypnoBirthing Studio.

  • cream sofas with throws and cushions
  • plenty of books on the window ledges
  • flowers in a vase
  • rug covering the tiled floor
  • huge spider plant with a huge family of babies

That’s pretty much all that is in the studio. A rather lovely venue for the HypnoBirthing® classes and the other parenting sessions that run on a monthly basis. Home from home. Plus the outlook is fabulous. A garden overlooking fields and meadows and green hills. Pheasants roaming free range in the garden, along with the family of rabbits that have come to stay. Even as the parents to be step into the HypnoBirthing® Studio, I can see them slow down and visibly start to r.e.l.a.x, as they take in their new surroundings.

There is no ” hocus pocus ” about HypnoBirthing®. All HypnoBirthing® does is to tap into your body which is perfectly designed to have a baby.Clever really. And the more HypnoBirthing® sessions I run, the more I am convinced that HypnoBirthing® works. And it does.  Lots of relaxation, which is why there are plenty of sofas to make yourself comfortable on.Lots of breathing. Lots of laughter. Lots of friendships formed. Sometimes we light candles. Sometimes we walk in the garden. Men love the garden. The wild meadow circles are perfect for imaginary aeroplane fly bys.

So, that’s the venue. Ideal for HypnoBirthing® and breathing and relaxation sessions. Tranquil. Non scary. Welcoming, and after the first session, totally familiar.

Do get in touch to find out how I can help you feel confident about having a baby. I would love to hear from you. Annie.


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