An educated guess.

Halfway through the HypnoBirthing®  course and I am demonstrating a deepening technique.I ask the mother to be who is furthest on in her pregnancy if she wouldn’t mind being my model. Slipping easily into relaxation I demonstrate the technique and after she brings her awareness back into the room, I ask her how she is feeling.

Looking me in the eye, she smiled and posed the question,” Do you do Reiki?”. I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I had forgotten the power of touch. We both used Reiki. It takes one to know one and we smiled complicity.

It’s the feeling you get when your body tingles and you feel you could light up the National Grid. And the eyes have it . Eyes that sparkle like diamonds. Reiki eyes.

Couples who come to HypnoBirthing® classes have the same light in their eyes.Not on the first session. But when they are totally on board and understand all the rationale and logic. That’s when their eyes start to shine. Eyes that shine so brightly. Instantly and easily recognisable. I can spot it when I walk into any room, and I can also feel it.Reiki people attract Reiki people.  Chakras and colours and energy flow and healing hands.Your whole body glows.

Come and discover what happens when you join a HypnoBirthing® class.Your eyes will shine and it really will change your life. Would love to meet you. Annie.

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