And the news is…

So many couples send me updates on how their beautiful babies are growing and changing.Receiving these letters and photos of these strong and confident parents and their fast changing toddlers really does make my heart sing.

I remember everyone who has attended my classes and over the years so many mothers have booked again and again on to my HypnoBirthing®with each successive pregnancy.

Word of mouth is how parents find me and I am so grateful for this.

What has changed over the years in my hypnobirthing studio where these sessions are held? New handmade cushions. Thank you my sweetLondonFriend ♥. Love your colour choice. Oh, and books. Lots of new books, all about conception, fertility through to choices in labour to books about how babies remember birth. And photos. So many photos of babies, and mothers, and fathers, and partners and so many newborn, blurred photos when the partner is so emotional that the camera has shaken and the pictures are blurred. Love them.

Come and join me. I will guide you and show you how to have the best birth that you can have. The way you view having a baby will be changed for ever.

Can’t wait to meet you, Annie xx

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