And their Doula made three.

A couple whose baby is due fairly soon are coming to one of my HypnoBirthing® classes this evening, and I have invited their doula along too. I want to make sure that their doula is au fait with HypnoBirthing®, so that the evening will be beneficial for all concerned. Their doula, Heather is delightful, and comes with pen and paper.”Don’t take notes,” I say, “just enjoy the session”.

At the end of the evening, I wanted to ask the couple how their perceptions about having a baby had changed since starting their classes.

She said, ” I feel prepared , and am looking forward to the intensity of childbirth. I am excited about seeing the baby I can feel moving inside me.I feel sure that I am offering my baby a calm and relaxed introduction into the world.”

He said, “I feel more reassured and confident about the birth of our first child.This will result in a much more enjoyable experience.”

I looked at this couple and I could see how over the HypnoBirthing® sessions, their relaxation had deepened and now they both could slip easily into a very relaxed state. They knew too that soon they would have their real baby-no longer would there be a “bump” with an adorable nick-name! But most of all you could see their faces and their eyes were shining, and they were filled with confidence and anticipation.They had their strategies and their suport team in place, and they were just ready to become parents. This look-this “HypnoBirthing® look”-it’s worth all the tea in China!

Tonight we are pulling all the threads together, so that when their baby starts to make his or her appearance, the couple know just what to do. By practising their relaxation daily, along with all  the other HypnoBirthing® techniques they have been shown, they will be so well prepared on the day.

To find out how HypnoBirthing® can make having a baby easier, and so very special -  give me a ring on 01743 861235

Looking forward to hearing from you, Annie.


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