Aromatherapy for Childbirth

Tuesday was the Aromatherapy For Childbirth study day.Bring two flannels the e-mail said.Initially, I had booked to attend this course in London, but for various reasons, I had to postpone. Twice. Thank you to Jude and Lindsey for being so kind and transferring me to another course.

So glad you did!

I learnt so much. Essential oils for childbirth. How to distill the oils. How to store and blend using carrier oils. How to use the oils in so many different ways.

Hand in hand with aromatherapy goes massage. There was plenty of that. Loved giving and receiving such a relaxing and at the same time uplifting massage. Smelt divine and energised.

But more than that, my knowledge of essential oils for childbirth has expanded greatly.I am going to love spreading the word.

A new HypnoBirthing® course starts tomorrow and I am so excited about meeting everyone who has signed up.

Can’t wait to meet you all.



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