“As Large As Life.”

Visiting an old friend in hospital I drove past Bodelwyddan Castle, where I know there is a Quentin Blake exhibition until mid July. Hot in my purse is a National Art Pass  which is on trial for 3 months. A minor detour at the roundabout means that I am soon standing in front of this beautiful castle, which has stunning views of the Welsh countryside.

Up on the 2nd floor is where the “ As Large As Life ” exhibition is in a light and airy room. The perfect setting to showcase all these exquisite paintings. Imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I see that the subject matter in one of the rooms is all about mothers and daddies and babies in water!!

Quentin Blake  created these animated drawings for the new maternity hospital in Angers, which opened in the autumn of 2011.The images are of mothers meeting their babies, and shows mothers and babies swimming in perfect synchronicity. These pictures grace each delivery suite, the fathers’ room, the foyer, and the entrance to the unit. How beautiful.

Written on the wall above some of the images are the words.

” These mothers and babies are in a parallel world where

their swimming expresses and celebrates a new-found liberty “

Muted water colours in mauves, greens, blues and brown perfectly capture the watery world of the swimmers. So appropriate when you think that your baby lives in a watery world whilst in utero. Faces filled with happiness and pure pleasure. Quentin Blake said,

“ One of the staff in France said the important thing is the exchange of look between the mother and baby, who are meeting for the first time in a way.”

This wonderful exhibition runs until 14th July. Do go. Your spirits will be uplifted and you will leave with a spring in your step. And my old friend? Why she was sitting up, wearing a delightful, blue, old fashioned bed jacket,eating an egg custard.  I skipped all the way home.

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