Bananas in Pyjamas.

Duisberg. Sonntag. 9.20am

The planning has been in the offing for months.Careful training and preparation. Small jogs interspersed with walking for 10 minutes.Then an hour jog with running here and there. Over 6 months 200 miles have been clocked up.

  • Head phones on.
  • Down country lanes.
  • In all weather.

Determined and dedicated. A motivational calendar sticker book. Each run, no matter how short warrants a sticker.January is filled with♥ pink hearts.♥February is covered with utensil stickers. March is the month of ice creams. April is button month. May and June have London landmarks.Such an inspirational idea.

The night before is carb night.Pasta and tomatoes with walnuts.Then as an indulgence, ice cream with plums stewed in red wine and cinnamon.Then off to bed listening to a special relaxation cd taking her to her  Place of Bliss”. A beautiful phrase. Her “Place of Bliss” is deeply personal and is also very detailed. This is how she relaxes her mind and body.

How come it’s raining? Not a light summer drizzle, but actual cats and dogs.I ‘ve packed for sunshine, so I don’t have a brolly, or a rain coat, or even a bin bag to cover me. The taxi man takes pity on me and lends me HIS umbrella. The kindness of strangers.

Her eyes are clear and I can tell that she is excited. All ready and raring to go. All her preparation is going to pay off.Plus there is her mantra running through her head.

“I am strong. I can run and run.”

Discarded banana skins by the bin load. The energy food of Marathons and for having babies.Can’t resist taking a photo.The atmosphere is incredible.Loud pump you up music. Men dressed as beer bottles. Time markers with heart balloons strapped to their wrists.Supporters with football rattles. Four Brits. Three men and my London friend. Anticipation and excitement fill the air. And then they are off. I wave the Union Jack and shriek her name!!!!

Afterwards she said that it was a mental marathon. All in the mind.

And the time? Immaterial. And not that my London friend is at all competitive, but she was thrilled to bits to know that she beat Alicia. By 13minutes and 10 seconds.

Be like my London friend. Come and prepare your mind and your body for the best birth that you can have, using HypnoBirthing ® techniques. I will guide you and support you. You have my Union Jack in the form of my skill and expertise helping you on your personal marathon. Time really is immaterial. But it is so important to be ready, and to have no fear.Give me a ring. I would love to hear from you. Annie.

In case you are interested the official time was 4 hours 19 mins and 50 secs!!!




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