Birth day

High on the popularity stakes are the 1 to 1 HypnoBirthing®  sessions for couples. Lots of flexibility with days and timings which makes all the sessions so adaptable. I really love these classes as I get to know the couples, and as always in a two way street, they get to know me too. Every couple is different, and I enjoy the diversity that each class presents. I always learn so much from the couples I meet too.Each couple has their own learning style, and HypnopBirthing® classes encompasses all types of learning

  • Some mamas relax straight away

  • some papas relax very deeply

  • always there is laughter

  • a definite “feel good” factor pervades

Being just the three of us in the HypnoBirthing® studio, really allows everyone to unwind and totally “ let go” and to relax into ” their calm mind”. I also enjoy seeing how loving to each other the couples are. Even when you are not looking you can “feel” their tenderness.

Eight days to go, actually five days or less to go as due to special circumstances an induction has been arranged. We sit in the kitchen and chat before taking our camomile tea into the garden room.The music is already playing and even though it is day time, tea lights flicker around the room. Plenty of cushions around for using in the relaxation session. Lots for him too. He needs the calmness just as much as she does. Life is hectic and with work and family commitments, and all this takes its toll.

  • Nursery finished

  • Bags packed

  • Freezer filled

Light touch massage whilst sitting on a birthing ball. Marvellous. Am impressed, as he knows just what to do.Well done guys, you are so committed to having the best birth for you.

HypnoBirthing® allows you to remain calm and in control-alert and fully able to make decisions. No-one can guarantee that you have the perfect birth, but HypnoBirthing® really does allow you to have the best birth that you can have.

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