Birth Tauma.

Now the clocks have gone back, it seems as though winter is fast approaching.

Now when I send out directions to all the people attending my courses, I include the addition that my bicycle lights will guide the way to the venue. No street lights down my lane. Plenty of illuminated road marking though.

Not only do I run HypnoBirthing┬« sessions, I also offer Birth Trauma sessions. On paper, a birth may look straightforward, but if the mother doesn’t feel satisfied and fulfilled, sometimes afterwards, and it can be may years later, there is still a mental injury present. Can’t see it, but nevertheless, it remains.

What makes a good birth? Lots of things. What contributes to a less than satisfactory birth? Lots of things.

So, I have joined the quiet revolution of “Birth Rewind Practitioners”, whereby the memory of your birth experience is not eradicated, but rather the level of the distress associated with the birth is lessened or removed.

You can heal.

Perhaps 2 sessions may suffice. Maybe three sessions. Everyone is different. Confidentiality is paramount.Tea and coffee in Auntie R’s china cups. Biscuits and compassion and professionalism provided.If you know of anyone who would benefit, pass my name on.

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