Birth Trauma.

I needed a new skill set, and had been considering going deeper into how to help someone who had the birth they didn’t expect or want.I had found a two day course in London and although I would have to travel, I felt it was worth the effort and expense.

These two days were an eye opener, and I came away feeling incredibly inspired and confident how to use the tried and tested “REWIND” technique to help people who have suffered a traumatic’s not about deleting the memory, rather it opens a window of opportunity to move foreward so that one can get the most out of parenthood.

So much more than just talking or reflecting about your birth experience.

Just 4 of us, eager to learn. And learn we did. Step by step guidance with lots of demonstrations and plenty of practise for all of us. A great way of consolidating all the information.There was so much openness and sharing of experiences in a safe space. There was also pure joy and plenty of laughter in the air during this course.

We were thoroughly spoilt with home made soups and pasta bake for lunch, fruit and plenty of refreshments.

Definitely a group hug and a group selfie at the end of the course. I went away empowered and full of confidence that if birth was not fulfilling in your eyes, then I can truly help.

Alex, thank you for sharing your expertise and being the hostest with the mostest.♥ Beverley, Kristina and Mary, you were such delightful company.Let’s keep in touch. Annie xx

If this blog post strikes a chord with you, or with anyone you know, do contact me. I would love the opportunity to help you heal, Annie .

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