Bit of a fan….

Wimbledon beckoned and I found myself sitting in THE BEST SEATS in the house.Perfect view of the court. In the shade. Freely able to move and stretch when the players changed ends, and situated in the paparazzi corner was able to CELEBRITY WATCH very easily.

What a treat. Saw Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Michael Parkinson, Colin Firth , Cilla Black and Miranda. My London friend and I were in seventh heaven. All this and some superb tennis matches. Lots of photos taken. A few of tennis!!

Went on to the outsideside courts and enjoyed an invitation match. Pure comedy and entertainment with some excellent tennis shots thrown in. Lots of laughter and some very successful autograph hunting afterwards, followed by a reviving pot of  frozen ♥ yoghurt ♥ ♥ and ♥ strawberries.

Thought life couldn’t become any sweeter, then I had a flurry of e.mails and phone calls announcing safe arrivals of lots of HypnoBirthing®babies. One of the couples I had met a few years ago when they were expecting their first baby. They had come to my HypnoBirthing®classes and as they were now adding to their family, they recently attended one of the refresher sessions that were on offer. ♥ Lilia ♥ had arrived safely and calmly. All 9lbs of gorgeousness.

What was so beautiful and touching was the midwife who had been with Lilia’s parents when her first baby was born had come to see the couple and meet their new baby.How lovely is that?

Then, it just got better. Not only did this busy couple phone me up to tell me about their amazing HypnoBirth®, but they had also taken the time out to invite another couple they had heard who were interested in finding out more about HypnoBirthing®, round to their house to talk to them.

Guys, thank you so much for spreading the word about HypnoBirthing®. You will be added to my payroll!! Can’t wait to catch up with you all at my next coffee morning re-union.

HypnoBirthing® doesn’t promise you the perfect birth, but it does allow you to have the ♥ best birth♥ for you. Be pro active and come and discover what everyone is talking about. Would really like to meet you and make a difference in the way you have your babies. Annie.




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