Blooming Beautiful.

Nervously they had crossed the threshold. The women because they had the weight of ” Labour ” on their shoulders. The men because they had come to support their partners. Body language tells all and I can read well. If only I could fast forward their future selves into their present lives, they would already be smiling with shining, radiant eyes, filled with confidence and serenity.

Tonight was filled with such a wonderful atmosphere. It was friends catching up in familiar surroundings with the knowledge that the evening would inspire them before their babies were born.

We are past the formal handshakes now, so it’s lots of hugs, and genuine pleasure at seeing each other. R.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n. is on the agenda and by the end I know that everyone will sleep well. Perhaps the give away signs were the women on the birthing balls leaning into their menfolk. The men looked so proud and happy. Their eyes were sparkling too.

Over cups of tea, (delicious Pear and Chocolate tea to be precise, brought back from a cycling holiday in France), the women looked at each other as only women do.  But this was so much more than the casual glance whereby a women notes everything in the sweep of an eye, this was a bump appreciation look.

These women looked beyond beautiful, truly blooming and radiant.

Needed a photo as they next time we meet up all the bumps will be gone and their babies will be in their arms. Much hilarity as we had the bump poses, and then a total woman line up. Definitely one for the album.

Feel my work is done here. Where had all these tentative parents in waiting gone? All I saw were couples excited and confident about having their baby.What a transformation.

Love love love all your beautiful bumps!!!! Annie xxx


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