Blue and Green..

Casual and not so casual observations about having a baby using HypnoBirthing® Techniques;
  • Shorter labour.
  • Easier labour.
  • More efficient contractions.
  • More in control.
  • Free from fear.
  • Felaxed mother.
  • Relaxed partner.
  • Chilled out baby.

That is what I find out time and time again with every HypnoBirthing® course that I run. Should labour not be entirely straight forward, I am discovering that for the vast majority of couples, they have a positive birth experience. Which means the knock on effect is that when these babies grow up they too will not be scared of having a baby.

Priceless.In fact, beyond priceless.

Lucky me, I have the BEST ” job ” in the whole wide world. Except, all I do is set the scene. It is all down to you parents. You do all the work, making time torelaxandbreathe and making such a strong connection with your baby and with each other.

Win Win situation!!

Come and join a group of other parents and discover how the way you view having a baby really does change the way in which you have your baby.Can’t wait to meet you. Annie.

                                                                                  HAPPY    VALENTINE’S    DAY



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