Bluebell Wood and Log Cabins.

Thinking back to Spring, I realised that I wanted to share with you all a rather special day, which had been planned a while back. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and have a sharing lunch. Nothing unusual about the arrangement, except for one tiny detail. The Venue.

Directions given. Sat Nav programmed and lunches all packed up. Dress code. Wellies and warm coats. So far so good.

Arriving at the rendez vous point we all greeted each other and then ascended the hill to where we were adjourning for lunch. The date organised was not a random day chosen, it was carefully thought about as we were going to meander through a wood along a track just bursting with BLUEBELLS.

Soft and mesmerising. Blue mist that went up banks and down slopes. Oh, the blue bells. A plethora of blue flowers and underplanted with delicate white wood sorrel. They say that blue and green should never be seen together, but here in the secret hideaway, the soft blues looked wonderful against the fresh spring greenery.

Each time we rounded a corner, we were more and more swept away, until we arrived at The Log Cabin. Hidden deep in the wood, it was a delicious secret which not many people know about.It looked like a Scandinavian Dream, all beautiful proportions and made out of wood which had not silvered. Opening the door and looking inside revealed even more delights. A wood burner tucked away in the corner, ready to be lit to boil the water for the tea brewing later on.

Fresh air and the sound of bird song, Such a treat being taken there. It felt like we were on a retreat. A very special retreat. A chance to swop news. An opportunity to arrange future events. A time to unwind and relax.

Table set. Food unpacked. Drinks passed round. A simple meal which was so appropriate to the surroundings. An earthy mushroom soup, followed by lentils, asparagus and feta, and finished off by home grown berries and non shop bought light as a feather meringues.

Thank you to my wonderful friends for making today so very delightful and special. Love The Log Cabin. Love the Bluebells. Feeling refreshed and very very tranquil.Axx

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