Breaking the rules


Last week it was  MY Birth Day and I felt so special receiving all the special birthday wishes and love and affection from my family and friends. Prezzies and cards and phone calls and love and light from my brothers and sisters. Wearing my new frock we all went for a meal out in the eve, followed by a trip to the cinema.

SKYFALL  rocks!!

I thought back to when I was born, which made me think back to when my little blondie girl was born. Living abroad, I went to the local maternity unit for her birth. The ” done” thing was only to pick your baby up when a feed was due, or when the bath tub beckoned.

When a baby is born, there is a period of calm and quietness that descends over the mama and baby. Rather when snow has fallen, and you wake up and see the world coated with whiteness.

All is quiet. All is bright. It is the same when a baby is born.

I stayed in the maternity unit for five days. For five days I just held my little blondie baby in my arms, drinking her in, inhaling her baby breath, watching her facial movements. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and I am so glad I went with my instincts. By the time I went home to real time and the real world I knew my baby inside out. Although she was in my arms, I knew she was an intrinsic part of me. Our special bond began when I was carrying her, but it was deepened and strengthened by our intimacy and quiet time together.

I look at my little blondie girl now, and we are still so close, so in tune with each other. All I want from life is for her to be happy, healthy and to love and be loved. I watch her twirl around the kitchen. When she dances, my heart sings.

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