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” One Born Every Minute ” or ” Call The Midwife? ” That is the question I am asked at my HypnoBirthing classes. Without fail.

Both are compelling viewing – one set up to the minute in a modern maternity unit with midwives going about their shifts. The other based over half a century ago. All about having babies.One pretty much hospital based, the other is all about home births. My answer is always the same.I answer the question with a question.

” Do you watch ” One Born Every Minute ? ”

If the answer is in the affirmative, I suggest to the HypnoBirthing® couples that I meet that perhaps they could record the series, and then watch it once they are parents.It does portray birth as it is for so many women.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hypnobirths don’t make for sensationalism, or for dramatic viewing. Rather if you are lucky enough to be present when a baby is born using deep relaxation and breathing, then all is calm and the room is quiet.

Whereas with ” Call The Midwife ” , I have seen most of the series.

Where do babies come from??

It reminds me of when I first knew that I really wanted to be a midwife. I did part of my obstetric training along Whitechapel Road, down into Commercial Road, and along into Mile End Road.This was at the time when women having babies would labour in a ward with other women in varying stages of labour.

Their only privacy was afforded by a curtain.When birth was imminent, the women would then be wheeled in their bed to The Delivery Room.

The midwife I was shadowing was kind, passionate about her work and so skilled. She had me at ” Do you want to see a baby being born?”"


I wanted to be that midwife!!!!!

Having supper the other night with friends, Mary started telling me about Her mother who had been a midwife in the 30s working in Scottie Road in Liverpoool.Her mother told her that there was a lot of poverty, and babies were born onto newspaper, but everyone would  rally round and help each other.Fascinating to hear.

I like the actresses in ” Call The Midwife “.I applaud her acting in ” Call The Midwife “. I like her style, and in her own show, Miranda Hart makes me laugh.

When labour begins it is always a good idea to relax and to watch a funny dvd.

  • Miranda gets the thumbs up from a lot of mamas in waiting.
  •  As does Mr Bean with his antics. 
  • Whilst Mama Mia does the trick for other mamas.

Laughter is good, and so is relaxing as your labour progresses. Lots of women using HypnoBirthing® techniques smile after every contraction. Unbelievable, but true.

That is why it is important to tell your midwife that you are using HypnoBirthing®  techniques when you telephone to say you are in labour. Otherwise your midwife may not think you are actually in labour.


Help spread the word about HypnoBirthing®, and come and see for your self how you can look forward to a beautiful birth. Give me a ring and let’s talk! Annie.


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