Buttercups and Daisies.

My day has been filled with sunshine and lots of cuddles with beautiful babies.It’s the eagerly awaited HypnoBirthing┬« coffee morn re-union and the air is filled with confident mamas and their chilled out gorgeous babies.The table is set using the exquisite china from Buttercups Vintage China Hire,and mouth watering cream cakes grace the vintage plates.

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Rumour has it that a slice of the gateau had been snaffled prior to the arrival of the contingency.

Useless to protest. How could I resist?

Handmade bunting from Buttercups laid out on the grass in a circle made the occasion even more of a celebration. And celebration it was too.

Matilda and Evangelina Willow, Merry, Floella , Evelyn and Izzy definitely outnumbered the boys, Kyle, Charlie and Kyler who just was on the brink of being up and off. A vision of serene babies spilled out into the garden where my creative team did a splendid job of organising the bunting and the vintage china on the rug surrounded by the circles of daisies. Not everyone managed to be on the photo shoot as lunch called to three of the babies.

We all wanted to hold a cup and saucer, but I had forgotten that of course all the mamas would have their hands full.So Emily did the honours of holding the plate as her little baby was in a sling. Another benefit of having a sling. Hands free.

These get togethers are worth their weight in gold. Not only are the new babies introduced, but friendships are forged , or renewed, and further meetups are arranged.

All I do is swan round and cuddle the babies, talk to the mamas,( and papa), and marvel at how the nervous women I met when they were pregnant have blossomed into strong confident mothers.

Photos taken and lots of hugs shared and then the house is suddenly quiet, and I can reflect on how I really do have the best job in the world.

HypnoBirthing® prepares your mind and your body for having your baby. Am taking bookings for the next course now. Free your mind from the fear of childbirth and look forward with excitement and joy to the birth of your baby. Get in touch to have a chat. I would love to hear from you. Annie.


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