Buttercups China Hire.

Don’t you just love fabulous ideas?? First there was Mrs Fontainebleau with her exquisite up cycled bespoke silk jewellery range, and now we see the launch of BUTTERCUPS CHINA HIRE. How original!! Such a clever idea!!

Whenever you are hosting an event, maybe a christening, a wedding, a tea party, or just want to impress the guests, you throw into to the equation the timeless appeal of eating off beautiful old fashioned china.Dainty cups with matching saucers, milk jugs and sugar bowls, perfect for little sugar cubes to be served with a pair of sugar tongs.As well as all the gorgeous cups and saucers,vintage linens, bunting and gorgeous accessories can all help to create a stunning  scene for your celebration.

Instant glamour and elegance for any occasion.

Sort of  like going to visit your grandparents when you were little, when they brought out their best china, with small sandwiches and tantalising little cakes. I used to fidget like mad in case my bro chose the chocolate one with a strawberry on top.

Buttercups China Hire is the brainchild of the well known entrepreneurs who run the extremely successful and professional 4D Baby scanning company based in Upton Magna, BabyVision.

Take a peek at their new website.


Fabulous colours and lots of choice for you. Don’t the cakes make you start to feel hungry? All that freshness and deliciousness just asking to be eaten.

My HypnoBirthing coffee morning re-unions will definately be using Buttercups China Hire to make our get together even more special. And the icing on the cake? Got to be

They deliver.

They Collect.


Go Girls-you done good!

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