Buzz Words.

It’s been a busy week.

  • a study day at maternity.
  • a HypnoBirthing® session.
  • a HypnoBirthing® refresher session.
  • a lunch date with some of my midwife colleagues.
  • plus a ” Labour ” and a ” Baby Practicalities ” session.
  • Biscuits to make.
  • A Girlie Lunch to prepare.
  • and the painters are scheduled to blitz the house. βοηθεìα

Need to breathe.

The study day was well attended and truly inspired and motivated me. The line up of guest speakers was impressive and the auditorium was full. The message was how to improve the health of the public by highlighting areas of concern, namely obesity, smoking in pregnancy, growth restriction of the developing baby, and poverty. Raising the profile of breast feeding was addressed as were cost implications of  having a baby.The aim was to work with individuals, families and whole communities. Making every contact count.

A stimulating and thought provoking day with time to catch up with colleagues and arrange further networking opportunities. So well thought out and executed. Thank you to all the Back Room Boys for your hard work. It really paid off.

A good days work.


I feel refreshed and energized and rearing to go with all my updated knowledge and skills. Come and join in one of the HypnoBirthing® courses that I offer and see what a difference it makes to your perceptions of having a baby.

Can’t wait to meet you. Annie.

And the buzz words? Client led /Client Focussed /  Signposting / Parent Led / Targeted Approaches and Guided Exploration!

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