Calling all mamas….

By chance, I met one of my HypnoBirthing® mamas through a friend of a friend-just a young girl in her early 20s.She already had a little girl who was about 3 years old.I realised we had met before – she and her boyfriend had attended the antenatal classes that I had been running in the local maternity unit. Turned out that her partner had been one of my “Male models” when I had wanted to demonstrate something. I had thanked him profusely for being such a sport.

This young mum was so was such a pleasure to behold, and she was absolutely blooming in her 2nd pregnancy.Then she confided that she was p.e.t.r.i.f.i.e.d. about giving birth. Seemed that all had not gone as she had hoped when she had her daughter – and although the birth was classified as “normal”, she had been left feeling unfullfilled.

When I mentioned I was running HypnoBirthing® classes her demeanour changed. She said she had read about HypnoBirthing®.We talked a while, and as I left, I gave her my number…hoping that she would call. I knew that HypnoBirthing® would make such a difference to the way she had her next baby.

The day she rang me, I was so happy. She was very eager to be shown the tools that could make this birth shorter, and easier.

  • session 1….so nervous
  • session 2….believing
  • session 3….practising so well
  • session 4….relaxing deeply so easily
  • session 5 …who was this  serene young woman teeming with confidence who was radiating light and joy?????

I hardly recognised this mama. She was so e.x.c.i.t.e.d. about having her baby.I wished I had taken a before and after photo – unbelievable the transformation. She looked like she was floating on a bubble of air…and she was positively glowing.

What an advert for HypnoBirthing®!!!


Dream Catcher.Photo by Weiluen Yap

The day her baby was born, she called me. She had had the birth that she had so wanted.Remaining

focused and calm throughout, relaxing and going with her body. Her partner had been so supportive, keeping her in an emotionally safe place, and helping her to relax.Her midwife was fabulous, and was absolutely in tune with her. She,her partner..and their midwife were all on an incredible high…..

…and when she thanked me….it was me who needed to thank her…she,her partner and her baby had all worked together . All I had done was to set the scene and provide the tools for a calm birth.

Viva HypnoBirthing®….For all your babies …. not just for brand new mamas.

If you would like to find out more about how HypnoBirthing® can let you have an easier birth – do get in touch.I am a phone call away – and I am happy to chat with you.





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