Camilla’s Conga.

The lights had started to flicker an hour before everyone was due to turn up. Living in the country, this is code for a pending power cut. Have to run and grab a torch. 3 torches placed strategically in the porch , hall and top of the stairs.

So, no lights, no heat, no music.Rain beating down on the windows. Just enough hot water for refreshments.Thank goodness for the recent candle order from my fave shopping emporium. Candleabras found .Storm lanterns lit and left as a welcome in the porch, and blankets filched from every cupboard. Don’t you just love it when a potential disaster turns out to be perfect and fun??

10 people expectantly arriving for the last HypnoBirthing® session.

Camilla was the first to brave the darkness, and she was bearing gifts!! A freshly baked sponge cake, sandwiched with raspberry jam and sprinkled with caster sugar. The sort of classic sponge cake that my grandmama used to make. Pure nostalgia.

  • Music from a mobile phone.
  • Rugs and blankets to snuggle in.
  • Candle light giving a soft,gentle glow.

How we all adored that evening! It was the recipe for excitement and a party atmosphere and for a real festive gathering.

Refreshments and a delicious home made cake just heightened the experience. Then a photo shoot that had everyone clutching their sides with laughter, followed by a mini conga!!The consensus was that this was the way to run a class.

Just an ordinary evening which was transformed into such a memorable night.This will be repeated!!!

Camilla, thank you for your exquisite cake. Not even a crumb was left. Good cooking indeed.

Do come and join us for our HypnoBirthing® sessions. No two groups are the same, yet we all make friends and are so excited to be having babies. E.mail me for more info. ( Cake making is optional). Annie.


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