Casper is 1!!!!

The last session was so very special. Before now there has been a power cut quite literally as parents arrived at my house for a hypnobirthing® class.So it was a case of find all the blankets and light all the candles. I remember one occasion so well. Camilla had made a cake and afterwards we all danced a mini conga with much hilarity and laughter. Pure magic.

Today is Camilla’s little boys first birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Casper.  Hope you blew your candle out and made a wish.
Camilla and her cake were on my mind when I decided to re create the power cut look. Candles lit. Dimmed lights. And I made a cake. A swiss roll with my special French apricot jam brought back from a cycling holiday in the summer.
So sunshine from the Loire, candles and a cake.

“Thank you so much for coming to my hypnobirthing sessions. It has been a real pleasure meeting some of you for the first time, and catching up with parents that I already know. Can’t believe how time has passed.

Each week I have seen your confidence grow and I am so proud of all your practising and commitment. You men are fab, and you make ALL the difference to calmness and relaxing. Look after each other and keep on doing just what you are doing.”

Happy Christmas to you all!! Annie xxx

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