Caterpillars and Lettuces.

Two HypnoBirthing® sessions this week, plus an antenatal class in maternity and a 1 to 1 session with a couple who have suddenly realised they will be actually having a baby soon. They are thinking about a water birth so we spend a few hours going over the nuts and bolts of what that entails.

Each class I run has different dynamics and also everybody has different needs and different learning styles,so no two sessions are ever identical. Usually I have at least three ways of explaining labour with some visual aids I have made over the years.Some bought, some ideas adapted from the many courses I go on. I am always bowled over as to how clever and ingenious some people are. My hobbies are laminating and growing lettuces. When I divulge this, everyone laughs. But, it is true. Obviously I do have other interests, and I do get out and about…….

The evening session at maternity has gone well. An odd number of people here tonight. One man had to go to casualty as he is found his regulation blue plaster wasn’t enough to contain the kitchen damage to his thumb.Lots of breathing and relaxation and the quiz seemed to go down well, as did the activity I had devised for the men. After every class, I sit down and assess and evaluate and then work out how I can make improvements.

Perhaps some more laminating for the following week. We’ll see.

As a midwife I have been involved with so many births.An incredible career. HypnoBirthing® is a natural extension of all the antenatal classes that I run.My frequent hypnosis supervision days really help me to give you the most up to date information that there is.Come and join the HypnoBirthing® sessions so I can guide you through having a baby without fearAnnie .

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