Cheese and Pineapple on sticks.

Beautiful Sunday has just become even more special! I have received an e.mail from a couple who have been on one of my HypnoBirthing® courses.HER sister had gifted her and her man a HypnoBirthing® course, as SHE herself had experienced two calm and peaceful births for her two babies. Thanks to HypnoBirthing® SHE had wanted to pass the gift on to her beloved sister.

The message was profound and heartfelt. It moved me to tears.Her birth had been beyond anything they could have imagined. A home birth. A HypnoBirth®. A water birth.Yet when I first met this couple they were both so scared and fearful about what having a baby entailed. As the weeks passed, so their confidence grew and they both blossomed at the prospect of becoming parents.I am SO PROUD of this couple for their commitment and all their hard work in making time to practise all the breathing and relaxation techniques.

 Read all the testimonials I have received and make your own mind up. HypnoBirthing® truly makes a difference in the way you have your babies. Get in touch to find out more. Happy to chat. Annie .

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