Chez Moi.

Rendez vous at mine.

Five of us in the kitchen which is being gently warmed by the British Racing Green Aga, and the table is laid with a posh cloth and plenty of cakes.

What a delightful morning! Beautiful contented babies and chilled out competent parents who are putting their heart and soul into caring for their little ones.Dreams and schemes are the topic of conversation and all their plans are so straight forward and logical. No whims or flights of fancy here. Well thought out strategies.

It is SO refreshing to hear about all their aspirations. A strong team, pulling together.As we drink elderflower juice and camomile tea and nibble biscuits, the morning just runs away with us.

E.mails are promised.Photos taken.

♥Loved meeting you guys.♥ You are very special people.♥ Annie xxx








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