An unexpected family bereavement has left us shocked, saddened and reeling. Time to slip away and to find somewhere quiet to contemplate without any distractions.


Such a beautiful person, both on the inside and the outside and she will be in our hearts for ever.”  Live, be joyful, be happy .”she urged. So we try. It is hard just to breathe, never mind smile. Days spent in the pale winter sun, walking and taking in the beautiful scenery helps.

Suppers in traditional fish restaurants nourishes. Talking. Remembering. Photographs to be framed. Sweet cousins to meet up with again.

Pillows infused with herbs ensures deep slumber. Unobtrusive attention to detail, and people who do their job so well, with smiles and obvious pleasure warms the heart.

A welcome break from what is the circle of life, starting with a heart beat. Ending with a heart beat.The circle of life. Usually I am there at the birth, not at the passing. The emotions and love are the same.Souls entering the world. Souls departing from the earth.

New beginnings with the Hypnofertility sessions that I am running.

Four sessions designed to help women who are currently experiencing fertility issues. More HypnoBirthIng sessions to run. Small groups of up to five couples. 1 to 1 sessions to co ordinate. Plenty of time for me to have the right work life balance. Small happinesses each day. Maybe morning coffee in the summerhouse. Perhaps meeting a friend to go to the cinema with. Lunch with my sweet London friend. Family suppers. Smelling the roses.

Living. Happiness. Pleasure. Surely that is what life is all about.



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