Intricate Delights.

Did you know that more boys were born in this county last year than girls? Can you guess which was the busiest day for babies to be born? I assumed it would be 9 months after Valentine’s Day. How wrong!! Surprise, Surprise, 24th July was the day when 24 babies put in an appearance. Other interesting facts are that when all the figures were collated for the previous year;

  • 91 sets of twins arrived.
  • 89 babies born in water.
  • 84 home births.

Waterbirths married with HypnoBirthing® are a good combination. Lots of couples I meet who attend the HypnoBirthing® classes have their babies born at home, even though they hadn’t actually contemplated this possibility at the beginning of their pregnancy.

Three of my HypnoBirthing® couples have recently had their babies at home. In water. Using all the breathing and relaxation techniques they had been shown. All had such positive birth experiences. The coup de grâce was the ‘phone call I had from a VERY PROUD husband to say they had had their baby in water, at home using HypnoBirthing® , oh and 2 paracetamol !!

This is such music to my soul.

These couples were not lucky. They had not decided to wing it on the day. Actually the fact of the matter is they had been practising all the relaxation and breathing for weeks prior to the birth of their baby.

♥♥♥ Their birth stories are beyond special.♥♥♥ Congratulations and more congratulations. Annie xx

Men, book yourselves and your partner on to a HypnoBirthing® course. It is money well spent. You can’t put a price on a positive and amazing birth experience. I would love to meet you and make a difference in the way you have your baby. Annie.


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