Does it REALLY work?

This is the million dollar question regarding hypnobirthing.

Really? Really? Does Hypnobirthing truly work?

…and the answer my daughter is simply-yes.

How can this be? All the media stories, talks with other mothers, tales from other peoples’s stories about childbirth. All stored in our subconscious.

and yet….when you look at the logic and rationale, then all becomes perfectly clear.

To have a baby is a gift. To understand how a woman is perfectly designed to have a baby, and then to realise that a baby knows how to be born, then this really is the icing on the cake.

Some people come to me and said their daughters did hypnobirthing and it didn’t work. I always beg the question-did they read a book, or did they attend a hypnobirthing course? Actually, I am pretty confident about the answer. Certainly, for some people reading a hypnobirthing book may suffice, but from experience, I know how beneficial a hypnobirthing course is. This sets the scene, and then the hard work and commitment begins, so that when labour starts, all is well and one knows how to breathe and relax. The partners are incredible and they really are so indispensable when it comes to keeping their partners calm and in control

So, imagine when labour starts, you are at home, and gradually as the day progresses, so does your labour. Maybe sitting on a birthing ball, or lying on the sofa, maybe in a darkened room. Listening to music and words of relaxation.

Some food. A nap. A warm bath. Potter around.

Confident and excited that soon you will meet your baby.

So, my daughter, yes, hypnobirthing really does work. Often a shorter labour, often no painrelief as your perfect body produces its own analgesia.

Amazing. Incredible. Magical.

Thank you to everyone who over the years have come to my hypnobirthing courses. I am so privileged to have the ability to set you up for the best birth you can have-for you, your partner and your beautiful babies.


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