Drama and Dimension

The choice was to go it alone or to commit to a guided tour. Am early so there is no one to ask. Trust your instincts said my inner voice. Glad that I did. A trip to the British Museum finds me in in the Parthenon section. So much to see. Amazing sculptures. I want to discover more.

Diminutive and unassuming our guide arrived. It quickly became apparent that this lady had a cult following. Everyone wanted to hear her words.Despite having 50 tourists to show round, she held centre stage and opened our eyes to the beauty of the antiquities before us. I never would have noticed so many intricate details. I certainly wouldn’t have remembered them if I had not been shown. The way the more skilled workers made anatomical details so correct on the sculptures of the Lapiths and Centaurs, and their carving and careful chiselling gave the statues movement and flow.

We left wanting more.

My experience at The British Museum made me think about the courses that I run. Lots of people ask me if reading a hypnobirthing book alone will suffice, and for some people it may well do. However, a course offers so much more.

For me, I love going into all the details as to why having a baby is for the majority of couples very straight forward and natural. Lots of techniques to be shown and to practise. Definitely lots of fun and laughter in the sessions, and a good feeling of camerarderie prevails. Good friendships are formed and a shared experience also makes the sessions very memorable.Last night after our last session, all the couples went for a drink together.

I want you to come to my HypnoBirthing ® classes and leave wanting more! Send me an e.mail and find out more. Sooner rather than later as all my classes get booked up quickly. Would love to meet you. Annie x



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