Eating Room Red

Last night was the first session of the latest  HypnoBirthing® course that I am running.

  • 5 classes in all.
  • Each session lasts for 2.5 hours.
  • Plenty of refreshments
  • Loads of birthing balls to sit on.

I always imagine the couples breakfasting together in the morning,discussing the classes they have signed up for.Frequently I have already met everyone so the ice is broken from the start.

  • Balloons mark the venue in the summer.
  • Counting bollards with reflective lights on are the markers in the winter.

Once safely in the house, it’s through to the dining room which appropriately is painted in “Eating Room Red.”Nothing out of the ordinary in the daytime, but at night the room sparkles with lights and in the depths of winter an open fire.

I always introduce myself as a Midwife and a HypnoBirthing┬« Practitioner, who has also trained in hypnosis. Credentials are so important. Whenever I go on courses, I always check out the course leader’s background and qualifications.Important for me.


  • Phone numbers exchanges at the end of the evening.
  • Coffee dates arranged.
  • weekend lunch at the pub organised.

We are all on our way to change the way we view having a baby.I am so proud of my small part.Get in touch so that you can be so prepared for having your baby. Would love to meet you. Annie.

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