Egg ‘n’ spoon race…

At the starting line

At the starting line

Imagine you are back at school-and sports day is approaching.You’ve signed up for the egg and spoon race….and boy, have you been practising. Day in day out.You are eating and dreaming eggs.

  • 1 hand behind your back,
  • big spoon,
  • firm hold on handle,
  • no thumb on egg,
  • knees slightly bent,
  • total concentration

and you are offfff.

Round the kitchen table and into the hall – and back again.Fantastic.You just know that all this practise is going to pay off.

How would you feel if when you are on the starting line waiting for the whistle ,when suddenly you receive the message…”Egg and spoon race…egg and spoon race…slight change….you now will be running the sack race!!!!

  • Ready
  • Steady
  • Goooooooooooooo

Sometimes when you are having your baby “Special circumstances” arise .Unexpectedly  your ” journey” takes a slight detour. You know you will get there – but maybe the route has altered. Similar scenario with the sack race replacing the anticipated egg and spoon race. Everything seems out of kilter as you didn’t realise that this was going to be on the cards. Don’t be thrown– all your relaxation, all your calmness and love that you and your partner have passed through to your baby-it’s all there. Nothing is wasted. In fact HypnoBirthing® stands you in good stead for whatever happens when you have your baby. HypnoBirthing® prepares you for however your birthing goes.You are in safe hands. All the techniques you have honed will enable you to cope with life’s challenges.

 Go with the flow         Keep relaxing        Stay calm           Be focused

HypnoBirthing® supports mamas in having the best birth for you.

To find out more about HypnoBirthing® courses ,get in touch-phone or send me an e.mail. I am happy to chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you…..Annie.




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