Neighbours pop in with beans from their veggie plot and fresh eggs from their free range hens.The Albanian handy man is spraying the leaves on the olive trees and on the aubergine plants. In the kitchen you can smell the sage leaves being boiled in a pan to which grated carbolic soap and vinegar has been added.This is the recipe for the leaf spray.

The naval helicopter base is nearby and even though I don’t recognise the make of the helicopters as they fly overhead, nevertheless I still wave. Each time some one ┬ápasses the house a dog barks.They spend the days languishing under the shade of the bourganvillia. Night time is when they come alive and converse with their mates.

When I close my eyes, I can visualise the sea side house which is so close to the beach up a dusty track.The garden is laid to grass. Not the soft english grass that is soft to the feet, but grass that is designed to withstand the intense heat. Twice a day the sprinklers clank and start whirring away. I can feel the grass under my feet. Damp in the early morning and bone dry by noon.

Round the side of the open air eating area are earth borders filled with billowing lavenders, sage bushes and jasmine climbers.Each time you walk along the beach, perhaps paddling in the twilight when only the locals are taking their evening stroll, you collect a few pebbles. White smooth pebbles. These you place round all the base of the flowers.At night the pebbles glow. Part of the beach in the garden.  The fragrance changes as you walk past the borders,and your senses are assailed with the heat , the sounds, the beauty of the flowers and fruits and the drops of water landing on the path where the sprinklers have spilled their water.

I am not there. Today I am in my quintessentially English garden which is filled with muted blues and pinks.It is cloudy and warmish and I am wearing my gardening clothes. But I can transport myself to this beautiful place easily and when ever I want to. A ” Place of Bliss” is a beautiful evocative english phrase, but this is indeed the place I go to when I want to feel calm and happy.

In HypnoBirthing┬« visualisation plays an important part. How good is your imagination? Find somewhere in your mind’s eye that you would like to spend time there.It really works.

Come and experience at first hand just how beneficial it is by joining in a set of classes. It’s all in the preparation. Annie.

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