Beyond Proud..

Often HypnoBirthing® sounds too good to be true. All HypnoBirthing does is to tap into your perfectly designed body.However, it doesn’t promise you the perfect birth. No one can do that.What is does do is it allows you to have the best birth that you can have. Bearing in mind that most people have a straight forward birth, but should your labour move into the realms of “Special Circumstances”, you can relax knowing that the “A” team are there to look after you.

  • Labour is dependant on the 3 “P”s.
  • The power= your contractions,
  • The passenger=your baby,
  • and the passage=your pelvis.

The strengths of HypnoBirthing®are such that you can still have a positive and joyful birth experience, feeling proud of yourself and feeling empowered.

Having seen and been in the privileged position of being part of hundreds of couples having their babies, it is truly wonderful to see a couple completely overjoyed by the birth of their baby, even though they may not have had this particular scenario in mind.The aim is not necessarily to have the perfect birth, but rather to feel fulfilled and energised rather than disappointed and left wanting more.

I meet a lot of couples whose previous birth experience has coloured their thinking and has left them feeling fearful of having another baby. HypnoBirthing® removes this fear and replaces it with joy, excitement and pure anticipation.

Couples have said that HypnoBirthing® enhanced their pregnancy and brought them closer together and that they felt as though they had already bonded with their unborn baby.Classes are eagerly awaited and the camaraderie which builds up over the duration of the course is really very special.

Give me a ring and find out more about HypnoBirthing.®  I would really love to meet you. Annie.



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