Feeling Shy.

Carrying on with my theme of ” Less is More “, I decided to prune my commitments and to make sure that each day had a quantity of happiness in it. Just for me. So, it was a win win situation when I decided to pop along to the local Agricultural show. Held annually for over 100 years it really is a treat to go there. I have learnt to my cost that it is better to dress to impress rather then have the laissez faire approach, so armed with my sun hat, glad rags ¬†and camera I set off.

Such a buzz in the show ground. Plenty of horses and shetland ponies, along with all the trailers and tack. Grooming was paramount and I loved the fact that the horses had their haunches styled.

Lots to see with all the events, and plenty of marquees to visit, shed loads of competitions to enter and livestock groomed to perfection. Even saw a sheep with glitter in her fleece. Who knew? Stroked a 3 day old chick and bought some pheasants and met some pretty special people. First off I bumped into little Jonah who is now a 19 month old very blond toddler along with his fab HypnoBirthing parents, and then it was “Magical Ursula” who had literally been pulled through a hedge backwards. She still looked very glam though! An ideal venue for families and saw loads of proud grandparents with their delightful grandchildren.

The highlight of the show actually happened the following day. All the dogs started barking from next door. Code for impending visitors. Next minute the local farmer was in our drive searching for some sheep. they barricaded the main entrance and started to search. Half an hour later they were very perplexed. By chance they went past the main porch, just as one of the missing ewes popped her head out. Mystery solved.

A very obliging pilot offered to take some aerial photos of the show as he and his friend were going on a jolly later that afternoon. The circling of the show ground around 3pm, plus a wing wiggle were going to be the identifying factors. Great shots.

Feeling chilled and happy and relaxed.

Loved meeting up with loads of friends.

Came home with a couple of pheasants.

Life is sweet.

Annie xx







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