Flapjacks @ 8pm

It’s the last session of my HypnoBirthing® course. Can’t believe that 5 weeks have passed.Such camaraderie – I want all the couples to keep on coming weekly until their babies are in their arms – and then some more!

The class has been such good fun. All the couples have been so open, and I love watching all the individuals blossom.I am always deeply impressed in the way in which they all slip into r.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n.

Seems more like a party tonight – so I have placed tea lights everywhere and made plates of flapjacks and chocolate brownies. Doesn’t chocolate give you the same “high” as endorphins??? There has been a lot of laughter within this group. Humour is so infectious – and everyone leaves chilled out, happy, confident and so positive and excited about having a baby. Wish I could bottle all these emotions – I would make a fortune.

The group has been fascinated by the dvds that have  been shown over the weeks – some men have never seen a baby being born – and a lot of women cry when they watch such calm and tranquil births.Some of the footage is of waterbirths – others are on terra firma –powerful and emotional.The dvds reinforce the fact that when you use HypnoBirthing® techniques, it can appear that you are not actually in labour, as you become so deeply relaxed!!

Phone numbers and e.mails are exchanged – a refresher session offered and accepted .Several surprises still remain to be revealed – have to wait though for now…

 Thank you for the privilige of getting to know you, and to you all for embracing the HypnoBirthing® philosophy. I really can’t describe my work as a job can I ?

To find out more about HypnoBirthing® techniques, please get in touch .It’s always good to talk. Annie.


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