Flowers and Cheese.

Back in the day coal used to be kept in them. Made it easier to keep the fire going, rather than traipsing outside to fill the coal bucket.

I keep my birthing balls in mine. They used to live happily under the dining room table, and it was only when unsuspecting guests started to look under the table that their hiding place was revealed. Now, however, the birthing balls have multiplied. I can’t remember when or how, but they definitely needed to be re-housed. Nothing for it. Won’t tell the family and let’s see how long before they notice.

Turns out the bath was made for birthing balls and they are happily luxuriating in tranquility upstairs. The door is kept shut and they remain undisturbed.

  • Great for posture.
  • Good for having a massage.
  • Good for labour.
  • Good for a back to back baby.
  • Two things to remember. Need them to be anti burst.
  • ┬áNeed your hips to be higher than your knees.

That’s all.

In the refresher session we tend to use the birthing balls along with a conducive atmosphere for all the relaxation that we will be doing.

Restorative, consolidating and inspiring.

Love these evenings. Sometimes the women join me for a daytime session and then the talk is entirely different from when the men are around. Much more earthy and direct. Always a warm welcome with herbal teas and yum biscuits. My aim is to make each rendez vous memorable. and to make the women feel special.

Shoes off, slippers on.

Love the men who look after their women. All the flowers that are bought for them. Even the truckle of cheese. No matter that the cheese in question was Brie. Surely it’s the thought that counts???

The birthing balls have now migrated downstairs beside the drum kit.The family DID notice.

Come and join a group of like minded couples for a course that really will change the way you view birth.If you are lucky you will be offered the opportunity to demo a drum roll. No charge. Annie x

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