Flying high.

It’s 3.30 pm on a beautiful afternoon.

The visibility is good.

Cloud base is high.

The plan is to capture, with out any blurring, a perfect photo of one of the many helicopters that daily fly over the house.  Recently I went on a Digital SLR camera course and I want to prove to myself that there is more to life than using the automatic button on the camera. Last time a chopper flew overhead, I was so busy waving and jumping up and down that I barely had time to take a photo.This time I am prepared.

  • Camera charged.
  • Lens cap off.
  • Wellies on the mat by the french windows.

Everything happens in an instant. First up is the incredible engine sound as the chopper flies over the house. We all dash out and it’s there, overhead and so close and deafeningly loud. By the time we have navigated the gate and are in the

it's all about the 5 " P" s..

garden the chopper is now swooping over the trees and circling the field. How hard and frantically we wave. We  are all on high. Next instead of continuing to sweep round the garden the chopper hovers. With the utmost composure and not using the automatic button, I confidently snap away.

The helicopter performs its chopper dance for a few seconds and then with a right bank ascends rapidly and within a minute is out of view.

Left in the garden we face each other and laugh and dance around!!!!!!!

We can’t believe the sight we have just witnessed. Between us we have just 5 pictures. Caught up in the excitement and the noise and the sheer power of the helicopter we were mesmerised by this majestic flying machine.

A while back, I met one of the helicopter boys on my HypnoBirthing class, and as my HypnoBirthing studio is on the helicopter flight path, he probably felt very much at home . A pilot in training, and a daddy in waiting. What an exciting life!!

See how privileged I am to work as a midwife and a HypnoBirthing Practitioner? Not only do I get to meet so many fascinating couples, but the icing on the cake is to meet them as a family when they come to the coffee morning re-union with their gorgeous  babies.

HypnoBirthing prepares your mind and body for having a baby.Come and join us to make having a baby so very special. Do get in touch as I would love to hear from you. Annie.

N.B.Helicopter fly bys not guaranteed.

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