Fresh bread…

It has been a busy few weeks. New skills learnt on inspirational courses with people who really want to make a difference to people whose births have not been as fulfilling as expected. That was down in London when I was wearing my lovely new green coat. Back home now and this week has been full on.

The week started well with a phone call to tell me that a friend I had helped with affirmations and a calmness program had passed her driving test. Very well done Anna. You will love all the freedom you will have. Then back to my day job, and an evening spent with a lovely group of really cool couples who came for a refresher session. Little Poppy had arrived, so we toasted her arrival with tea rather than with bubbles. Next day was my monthly Hypnobirthing© course which is in full swing.The eyes have it! And I am happy to tell them all that today this HypnoBirthing© program has been accredited by the RCM. Yay!!!

Thursday I was showing a new mother how to use a sling to carry her baby safely, and I was delighted to receive her photo the following day showing a perfect technique.

Thursday evening was when a delightful couple whom I had had the pleasure of meeting over 2 years ago came for a refresher session. Time to catch up. Time to see how Violet had grown. Time to become focussed and confident. The day their little girl had been born had been filled with excitement and joy and now they are looking forward to another magical birth experience.

Great to see you both. Can’t wait to hear all your news. Glad you enjoyed the sourdough loaf.

Now it is the weekend, and this is my time to relax and wind down. Love it when there are no plans and the day just unfolds. It is really frosty, so am not rushing out of the house. A leisurely breakfast followed by a sewing session.

I need to add piping to the garment that I am making. Greek cheese pie for lunch. Wonderful.

So looking forward to the next group of people who have signed up to the next HypnoBirthing¬ģ course. It really will make a difference to the way you view birth. Annie xx


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