Getting the edges in.

I have a fear of speed, which is a big shame considering I am on a skiing mini break with my Sweet London Friend♥. The location is picture postcard perfection and the chalet is situated right on the slopes, near a chair lift that takes you out of the valley into the world of easy peasy green runs.

Couldn’t be easier. The route is called The Inuit Run and designed for children, or young at heart adults. Indeed, whenever I watched an adult bend ze knees and crouch down in order to ski through the strategically placed igloo, or the whale, they came out a transformed person. Full of smiles.

The problem was I had not been on the piste for many a year and by confidence level was pretty much rock bottom. My Sweet London Friend knows that I run HypnoBirthing® classes, and she looked at me and said,

” You know how having a baby can be so beautiful and calm and outstandingly wondrous? Well, this morning we are going to experience all the beauty of nature, right on top of the world, surrounded by majestic mountains and breath taking scenery. Each turn we will take gently, and by and by you will be able to get your edges in on the slopes.”

So we began.

Everything my Sweet London Friend said was true. I forgot my fear and let go of thinking of falling over.I never minded that some of the slopes were not well pisted. All I did was breathe and think calm and positive thoughts and followed in her tracks.Her confidence ignited mine.

Such enormous fun. A day not to be missed. A day filled with exhilaration and happiness. Never experienced a ski morning like that before. Skiing underneath the wind chimes and banging the drum as we passed by. Posing for photographs,

and finishing the run smiling and on an absolute high.

“See,” my Sweet London Friend said, “All the couples that come to your classes are scared about having a baby. You show them that there is another way to have their babies. Calmly. Gently. Full of confidence. Smiling and being filled with excitement.”

That’s true.It starts in your mind, and then everything snowballs from there. Come and join the many like minded couples who really are changing the way they perceive having a baby, or read the testimonials on my website, so that you can see it is so. Can’t wait to meet you. Annie x

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